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What is happening in Sri Lanka?

It is rare in these modern times to see a democratic nation go from prosperous to nothing in a span of a very short time. The world is witnessing an economic crisis in the penny-less Sri Lanka.


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Economic crisis worsens in Sri Lanka as people drop dead in long oil queues

People in Sri Lanka are dropping dead standing in queues, food inflation has surged to 25% and school exams have been cancelled. But the 3 brothers in the Sri Lankan government are yet to ask for help from the IMF.


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Where does the world's garbage go?

How much waste do you create from the time you wake up to the time you go back to sleep? And ever wondered where it all goes? Here is a dirty and stinky story on all the world's waste.


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Covid has pushed Sri Lanka to the verge of bankruptcy in 2022: The what, why and how

Sri Lanka's economic crisis might soon turn into a financial and a humanitarian crisis if permanent essential steps are not taken.


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Are these the funniest Manike Mage Hithe covers? 12 viral videos

The Manike Mage Hithe trend continues with Silli-brities and the common man creating funny reels, regional variations, and even sharing stories. Here are a few fun videos from across the country.