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Psychologist, Adolescent health, School counsellors, Students

Why we need trained psychologists in schools

A psychologist's responsibility makes them an ever-approachable and accessible source of comfort and communication for students.


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Students, Cbse class 12 exams, Cbse class 10, Boardexams

A test of nerves in virus season

The country seems to be moving more and more into an examination based education system where the testing impedes genuine learning.


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Students, Drugs, Greater Noida, Rave party

Don't Rave, Just Rant! Why this Greater Noida 'rave party' is an interesting statistical study

Because nothing was found apart from excessive numbers, including that of the police.


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CBSE, Isc, 10th, 12th

Testing Times: Ahead of the upcoming Boards, how parents can help kids expel exam fear

Young students go through agonies springing from imagined fears about ability and failure. It is not really about the Boards. And the solution goes beyond passing exams.


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Students, Gross enrolment ratio, India Today, Best colleges

What India Today Best Colleges Survey reveals about the state of our higher education sector

Indians spend over Rs 12 lakh on coll­ege education, way above the per capita income of Rs 1.11 lakh.


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Examinations, Students, Pariksha Pe Charcha, Narendra Modi

Modi talks to schoolchildren on 'Pariksha Pe Charcha': 7 takeaways and reactions

The PM called all children 'born politicians' and also made a sly remark about media.


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Students, Communal bullying, Schoolchildren, Communalism

I'm a mother against bullying. And I want others to join my protest

Most children, even when they have not faced any direct aggressive communal bullying, will identify with such repetitive comments.


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Students, Technology, IBM

What are the most essential life skills students need to succeed today?

IBM India's Chairman, Vanitha Narayanan, talks about the tools young people needs in the age of technology.


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Students, Robots, IIT-Bombay

How IIT Bombay is empowering students to solve everyday problems with robots

It has created 230 labs across India for engineering students to come up with solutions to local issues.