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Infertility, Surrogacy Bill, Abortion laws, Right to reproduce

The Right to Reproduce: In New India, women must have full legal rights on their own wombs and how they procreate

A court recently allowed a woman to have a child by the very man she was divorcing. The case also spotlights other crucial reproductive issues in India including infertility, ART, surrogacy and abortion.


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Surrogacy Bill, Sushma Swaraj, Amazon

Sushma Swaraj's Twitter governance is fine, but she should do some real work too

Would she not be better advised to relegate this transactional work to others and deploy her brilliance in developing a robust foreign policy?


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Supreme Court, Women, Infertility, Surrogacy Bill

Wombs on rent: Inside a surrogacy hostel in India

Completion of nine months and a normal baby will translate into an amount they can otherwise never dream of earning or saving up.


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Parenthood, Maternity Benefit Bill, Surrogacy Bill

It's just got worse for new parents in India

While amendments to the Maternity Bill have been hailed, Surrogacy Bill has been critiqued for being moralistic.


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Sex selection, Surrogacy Bill

It's a mistake to believe surrogacy can be regulated

The biggest loophole in the new law is that it doesn’t control Assisted Reproduction Technologies.


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Section 377, Homosexuality, Surrogacy Bill

Why I don't see myself raising a gay family in India

I understand this government can do the things it does, not because it is particularly intolerant, but because we all are.


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Infertility, Adoption, Pregnancy, Surrogacy Bill

Why India needs a fertile debate on Surrogacy Bill

Barometres of the domestic altruistic practice will be an opportunity for corruption and exploitation, making way for an underground abusive trade.


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Indian Women, Reproductive Rights, Commercial Surrogacy, Surrogacy Bill

Whose womb is it anyway: Everyone but the mother's in India

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 is a lost opportunity and an exercise in moral crusading.


 |  Out of Order  |  4-minute read
Section 377, Surrogacy Bill

Indian State has crept into our bedroom, but not to protect us

With altruistic surrogacy, outlawing porn and sexuality, government has become the most unsettling voyeur.


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Women's Rights, Reproductive Rights, Sushma Swaraj, Surrogacy Bill

Supermom of State, Sushma Swaraj, gifts India a sanskari Surrogacy Bill

Only married Indian citizen couples can opt for 'altruistic surrogacy', but not our singles, LGBTQ or those in live-in relationships.