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Thomson reuters report, Molestation, Rapes, Violence against women

Why crimes against women are not just a law and order problem

Most laws to protect women do not address the underlying cause of violence, that is, societal attitude towards women and inherent patriarchy.


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Asia, Global India, Women Safety, Thomson reuters report

The West needs rising India - but it can't stand the thought

Foreign media has for long taken western geopolitical, military, intellectual and cultural hegemony for granted.


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Thomson reuters report, Patriarchy, Indian Women, Sexy Durga

S Durga reveals why India is so dangerous for women

Throughout the movie, you wait for physical or sexual violence to take place. It doesn't. But what happens is more dreadful.


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Gender Parity, Crimes against Women, Women Safety, Thomson reuters report

What I see in India that Thomson Reuters' illogical survey on women has failed to see

The report has harmed the image of India far more than attempting to do good by bringing into open women-related issues.


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Rape, Crimes against Women, Women's safety, Thomson reuters report

Why global survey which claims India is most dangerous country for women is misleading and sensational

Thomson Reuters Foundation’s survey of 548 experts on 'women’s issues' needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.


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Human Trafficking, Women in saudi arabia, Women in india, Women Safety

No, India is not the world's most dangerous country for women

The country is no paradise for women but calling it the worst amounts to deliberate spreading of misinformation.