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Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Unnao rape, Barabanki girl, Unnao rape case

Shut up about rape: The brutal message in the Unnao rape case's handling reached a family in Barabanki

Parents of a girl who questioned cops on the Unnao rape case did not send her to school, fearing for her safety. Our authorities should hang their heads in shame, if they still can.


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Unnao rape case, Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Unnao rape victim, Unnao rape

Unnao rape victim embodies UP: Kuldeep Sengar's accuser's plight shows how CM Yogi Adityanath failed the state

The victim's security cover was missing. The truck that hit her car had its number plate painted black. This, after the victim lost her father in the case, and reported threats to her own life.


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Unnao rape, Kathua rape, Sexual assault, Sexual harassment

What living in Dubai taught me about why rape culture thrives in India

I live in a society where safety and security is intrinsically woven in its fabric.


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Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Uttar pradesh police, Yogi Aditayanth, Unnao rape

Why UP police is more concerned about its image than stopping rapes

The ironic image-building exercise is intended to ensure negative stories about the men in khakhi do not find prominence in media.


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Kathua rape, Unnao rape, Nationalism, BJP

Are you a bhakt - or someone you know or love is one?

A bhakt is one who has divorced rational thinking faculties and fails to see anything good with dispensations prior to 2014.


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Allahabad high court, Yogi Adityanath, Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Unnao rape

Disturbing questions that high court asked Adityanath government in Unnao rape case

Allahabad HC indicated that the one-year-old UP government left no stone unturned to protect rape accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar.


 |  7-minute read
Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Sexual assault, Kathua rape

Support for rapists in the name of Hindu politics is a new low in Modi's India

Sexual assault has become a tool of the majoritarian colonising project that subjugates the minorities and marginalised by instilling fear in them.


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Nirbhaya gangrape, Rapists, Sexual assault, Unnao rape

How to solve India's rape problem

In India, where the chastity of a woman is glorified, rape becomes a means to humiliate not just women, but also entire communities.


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Hindutva, BJP, Unnao rape, Kathua

What Kathua and Unnao rapes reveal about BJP’s India

Violence against women and the marginalised seems to have become condonable.