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Delhielections2020, Delhi jal board, Water scarcity, Potable water

Delhi's water woes: The political turf war ahead of elections is denying citizens their 'right to life'

Clean water cannot be allowed to be the responsibility of one body alone. It has to be the collective responsibility of all government machinery.


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Water Resources, Lakes dry, Water scarcity, Chennai metrowater board

With no groundwater supply, Chennai faces nature's ire as a dry-spell this time

Most water bodies in Chennai that were the primary sources of drinking water, now have storage levels of less than 1% of their combined capacity.


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Water scarcity, Air Pollution, Namami Gange, Pollution

Australia votes on environment. India is yet to wake up.

While Australia is set to decide its Prime Minister based on environmental policies, pollution seems to be a non-issue for the Indian electorate that breathes the most toxic air in the world.


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Consent, Animal abuse, Water scarcity, Holi 2019

Why Holi is one of the most unholy days of the year for me

People take ‘Bura na mano, Holi hai’ way too seriously. And that's my problem with the festival. If I want to be offended at getting groped or troubled, I bloody well will!


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‎Conservation, Water scarcity

What we need to do to tackle the crisis of water depletion

Climatic aberrations coupled with unregulated pumping and sewage disposal have begun affecting the world’s wealthiest river systems.


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Pakistan, Water scarcity, Indus Waters Treaty

Correcting Indus Waters Treaty can help India solve its water crisis

Our negligence on water scarcity has been so deep that it can be remedied only through hands-on political direction.


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Water scarcity, Punjab, Sutlej-Yamuna Link

Why Sutlej-Yamuna Link row is pure political rhetoric

Everyone seems to be missing the point – strategic significance of water as a resource and the dire need to conserve it.


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Water scarcity, Maharashtra, Marathwada Drought, Drought

Drought in Maharashtra: Water for lives

Turn the tap and you will hear cries of hundreds who have taken their lives.


 |  13-minute read
‎Conservation, Maharashtra, Water scarcity, Drought

How we beat drought in Solapur

Collector Tukaram Mundhe tells Kiran Tare that solution exists in planning and implementation of existing laws in letter and spirit.


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Farmer suicides, IPL, Water scarcity, Drought

India cannot ignore the water crisis anymore

It is a dire situation that occurs every year and we need to make changes to meet the escalating distress.