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Women's health, Family Planning, Covid-19, World Population Day

Raising awareness and prioritising family planning in the Covid era

The Government of Uttar Pradesh, through the National Health Mission, has adopted a three-pronged strategy to address population growth in the state on World Population Day.


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Reproductive Rights, Women's health, Covid-19, Worldpopulationday

World Population Day: How Covid-19 risks reversal of progress made on gender equality

The fear of contracting coronavirus has kept many young women from accessing health facilities and interacting with frontline health workers on family planning.


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Uterus, Menstruation shaming, Women's health, Medical malpractice

Hysterectomy! Are Indian doctors filling their pockets with uterus cash?

The utility of the uterus for women seems to begin and end with childbirth. The alarming numbers of hysterectomy procedures in India reveal a dangerous trend.


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Periods pain, Women's health, Endometriosis

Endometriosis: A disease which needs cure and empathy. Not ignorance and callousness

Endometriosis is one of the main causes of infertility. Apart from debilitating chronic pain, severe loss of energy, nausea, etc., it can also take all the joy out of sex.


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Malnutrition, Women's health, Tuberculosis, World TB Day

In India, 18 women die of TB every hour: Why have we stopped caring?

Women are conditioned to not complain, making diagnosis and treatment more difficult.


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Healthcare, Women's health, Abortions, Abortion laws

It's only right that women decide - When it's about our bodies

This piece has been co-authored by Anjali Nayyar and Ria Basu.


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Youth, Women's health, Ageing

Can a woman grow old without ageing?

Many days I don’t feel very different from that girl running down the school slopes.


 |  What Bollywood taught me today  |  1-minute read
Women's health, Milind Soman

When Milind Soman runs, it sets women's hearts racing

The 50-year-old eternally sexy model with no expiration date is running 570km between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, barefoot.


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Female foeticide, Women's health, Jammu and Kashmir, Teenage pregnancies

Welcome to Kashmir's underbelly of medical crimes against women

The state administration has traditionally struggled to implement any kind of sex education.