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World Cup, Kapil Dev, Team India

The change in Indian cricket started under Sourav Ganguly: Kapil Dev

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev speaks with DailyO on the strengths and weaknesses of Team India, his prediction and much more.


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World Cup, Cricket, India-Pakistan, Pulwama

Boycott Pakistan Strategically: Terror and sports never go together because ethics is no game

Compete in multilateral contests but no India-Pakistan matches. We must cut out direct sporting ties with a nation that sponsors terrorism. By playing bilaterally with them, we legitimise their duplicity.


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Jaish-e-mohammed, World Cup, Cricket diplomacy, Pulwama  attack

No, I don't want to see India play rogue Pakistan this World Cup

We have used our power to get our way in world cricket before. It's time to do that again. Shun Pakistan. Tell them to go to hell.


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World Cup, Mbappe, Zidane, Football

Sports knows no caste...but its talent needs enabling, not walls of privilege

Hina Das, the daughter of a humble rice farmer, could be an Olympic champion of the future offers some hope for Indian sports.


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Women, Football, World Cup, FiFA World Cup

Dude please, women love football too

The game is indeed a beautiful one and there are billions of us who follow it ardently.


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Shooting, World Cup, Sports, Manu Bhaker

ISSF World Cup 2018: Why 16-year-old shooter Manu Bhaker's journey is so inspiring

The Haryana teenager started shooting training only two years ago.


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India-Sri Lanka, Cricket, World Cup, Retirement

Why Dhoni should not retire

We should not be extra critical of captain cool, but issues of his selection and retirement need to be dealt on merit.