Sanju Verma
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Author is an economist and chief spokesperson for BJP Mumbai.


 |   16-minute read

Dear Arvind Subramanian, India’s economic growth rate has not been overestimated. Here is why I am countering you

Revisions in GDP numbers happened regularly, even during Congress-led dispensations. Singling out the Modi govt for a routine revision in line with global best practices is sheer hypocrisy.


 |   9-minute read

Indian Economy: Stories of a structural slowdown are farce. Data shows Modinomics is propelling India towards strong growth

Key corporates in the cement, two-wheeler, home loans and consumer goods space are clocking in healthy double-digit growth. Sectors facing a temporary slowdown are hit by global or seasonal factors only.


 |   10-minute read

Pradhan Mantri Modi's Raksha Kavach: Why India's women helped PM Modi emerge stronger in 2019

The BJP made women core focus of all its schemes. This was empowerment like never before. It might have missed the BJP's bitter critics. But global institutions like the World Bank lauded the efforts.


 |   12-minute read

Lok Sabha Exit Polls 2019: Why India has voted for Modinomics

Modinomics underpinned how India needs a strong leader who can deliver stability and economic development, local in its roots, global in its vision, and going the last mile, to empower the most marginalised.


 |   17-minute read

Amit Shah, India's new-age Chanakya: How the 2019 election results will prove the title for the BJP President

Working on the foundations of the development reforms begun by PM Modi, the BJP president has transformed the face of electoral politics in India, with a precision that is commendable.


 |   5-minute read

Modinomics has made India a stronger economy today

In the last two years, our ranking in terms of 'global competitiveness' and 'ease of doing business' has jumped by leaps and bounds.