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Indian Army, India-Pak, 1965 war

An amazing chapter in 1965 war that both India and Pakistan agree on

It was an audacious para-commando attack with the intention of crippling three of IAF's most crucial airbases in Punjab that ended as a rout.


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Kashmir, India-Pak, 1965 war

A schoolboy remembers the 1965 war

No amount of retirement pension or gallantry awards can ever compensate the sacrifices that our brave soldiers make.


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1965 war, Raheel Sharif, Pakistan

1965 war: Pakistan army chief Gen Raheel Sharif should be ashamed

You would have expected him to speak on war with a greater sense of circumspection and responsibility.


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1965 war, Dawood Ibrahim, TheDailyToast

#TheDailyToast: Leaking the leaked covert op to nab Dawood


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India-Pakistan war, 1965 war

Why neither India nor Pakistan can claim victory to 1965 war

The historic war ended without any conclusion, except that wars do not solve anything.


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Jammu and Kashmir, Lal Bahadur Shastri, 1965 war

Remembering Lal Bahadur Shastri's role in 1965 war

As PM, he authorised the Indian armed forces to expand the scope of the war beyond J&K with Pakistan.


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India-Pak, 1965 war

1965 war: How India almost lost to Pakistan

This is what Lt Gen Harbakhsh Singh had to say about the main thrust to Lahore that faltered on day one itself.


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War despatches, 1965 war, India-Pakistan war

Why Lt Gen Harbakhsh Singh's book on 1965 war is important to read today

It discusses how India whittled down the Pakistani military, but could not destroy it.


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India-Pakistan ties, 1965 war, India-Pakistan war

How India can still learn from 1965 war with Pakistan

Our passivity makes further attacks risk free for Islamabad.