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Tukde tukde gang, Jnuprotests, ABVP, JNUSU

Recent violence has disrupted JNU’s ethos of heated, but peaceful dissent

Though there were occasional scuffles between student groups, the campus was largely known for debates and discussions to resolve any issues. Violence was never seen as a solution.


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M Jagadesh Kumar, ABVP, JNU protest, Jnuviolence

What happened in JNU before TV crew reached

Masked men and women launched an attack inside JNU on Sunday night. This tension had, however, been brewing since January 1.


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BJP, ABVP, Jignesh Mevani, Shehla Rashid

The latest 'star is born': Our liberals must go ga-ga over Mahua Moitra. Their other stars have vanished!

After Hardik Patel, Shehla Rashid, Kanhaiya Kumar and Atishi Marlena, Mahua Moitra is the latest gem in a long list of liberal heroes. None of them has much in common. Except one thing.


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Amit Shah, Supreme Court, BJP, ABVP

How Left has irrevocably damaged JNU's electoral politics

It may have won again in its stronghold, but it is doubtful that JNU and the Left itself will survive such anarchy for long.


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NSUI, ABVP, JNU, Jnu election

ABVP created ruckus during JNU Students Union election because it saw defeat coming

The university is a bugbear for the Narendra Modi government and its supporters.


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2019 Lok Sabha polls, ABVP, NSUI, Dusu elections 2018

DUSU Elections 2018: Delhi University polls reflect the nation's pro-BJP mood

ABVP winning 3 out of 4 seats gives us interesting pointers for the 2019 General Elections.


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Delhi University, ABVP, Gurmehar Kaur

Gurmehar Kaur on what actually happened that February at Ramjas College

[Book excerpt] I want no one to go through what I went through, what my family went through.


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Congress, NSUI, ABVP, DUSU elections

DUSU results: Victory for Congress-backed NSUI in top two posts signals a change

Only days after JNU polls were won by the 'United Left', good news has followed swiftly from the Delhi University Students Union poll results.


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JNU, ABVP, JNUSU elections

Why ABVP is the only hope to remake JNU in the true nationalist spirit

University political culture is on decline and competitive radicalism has reduced protests to predictable rituals.


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BJP, Ramjas, ABVP

By using sedition to stifle dissent, BJP is imitating British Raj in the name of nationalism

From Haryana University (over Mahasweta Devi’s play) to Ramjas to Jodhpur University, ABVP is creating havoc on university campuses.