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Advertising, Advertisements, Misleadingadvertisements, Falseadvertising

Sensodyne, Naaptol blasted for misleading ads: 5 brands that went too far

Toothpaste brand Sensodyne and Naaptol Online Shopping Ltd have been asked to pull their misleading ads. Here are 5 times brands took to lying to sell things to people.


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Advertising, IOS, Apps, Data Privacy

Why are Indian Android apps collecting more data – and what we can do to stop them

A new study has found that Indian Android apps across categories seek as much as 45 per cent more permissions from users compared to their global counterparts.


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Advertising, Celebrity endorsements, Supermodels

Celebrity endorsement vs advertising: Where have all the supermodels gone?

Do you really remember what our Bollywood stars are selling from one film frame to the other?


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Art, Advertising, Books, John Berger

For John Berger, in the beginning was the gaze

In his work, the medieval renaissance painting can very well become integrated with modern advertising of the consumer society.


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Advertising, Women's safety

Watch it, has women's safety become a fashion accessory?

Watch maker Sonata has come up with a new range that has a 'panic' button to send distress signals.


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Health, Advertising, Jobs

How my corporate lifestyle nearly cost my life

They put me in the ICU and told my folks I had about six hours to live.


 |  Another Tangent  |  2-minute read
Sexism, Advertising, Starbucks

Why I take offence to your #MyMoods ad, Starbucks

Since when did you sell sexism as fresh coffee?


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Viral videos, Skoda, Bruce Lee, Advertising

This article is breaking the internet, killing it and going viral

The 'Huffington Post' article, sponsored by Skoda for its commercial featuring a Bruce-Lee lookalike, is a new low even by advertising standards.


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Advertising, Skincare, Beauty

Dream big. Get white, girl

Join me in this exciting journey to change my life.


 |  11-minute read
IndiaTodayAt40, Advertising, Indian ads

'Jaago Re' to 'My Choice': 40 ads that moved India

Be it bridging gaps between India and Pakistan or fighting social anathema, these Indians ads said it best.