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Salman Khan, Akshay kumar, Anupam Kher, Air Force

How's the josh? Bollywood reacts to Surgical Strikes 2.0

Bollywood celebrities have taken to Twitter to salute the IAF for the air strikes. Here's what they had to say.


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Air Force, Air strike, BJP, War

Kashmir in Surgical Strikes 2.0: Why India owes the Valley peace, not war

Caught between the rhetoric and growing reality of a war between India and Pakistan, Kashmir's nerves are on the edge and its people close to breaking down. If India cares, it should show us this.


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Nationalism, Air Force, CBFC, Indian Air Force

Would 'Rang De Basanti' be allowed to release today?

When it released 12 years ago, the radical 'RBD' changed how India saw its youth, and vice-versa. Today, it's hard to image such a film would be allowed to release.


 |  6-minute read
Chemotherapy, Air Force, Cancer

This day, six months ago, cancer changed my life

News about cancer fatalities broke my heart. They also filled me with fear.


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India, Air Force, Navy, Army

India desperately needs a chief of defence staff

The need is to first decide on the rationale for creating joint commands.