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PMO, Oppression, Democracy, Bjp 2.0

The threat to autonomy

One senses that irony and authoritarianism go hand in hand. It is a story to be recounted years from now as part of the anecdotes of authoritarianism.


 |  6-minute read
Hurriyat hypocrisy, Article 370, Amit shah narendra modi partnership, Kashmir

Talk About What? India should not waste a second with the Hurriyat, Pakistan's poisonous spent force

If Delhi talks to anyone, it must be to Kashmir's elected representatives and other stakeholders, not waste time on the perfidious and pointless Hurriyat, which has only harmed India's interests.


 |  6-minute read
Vajpayee advani partnership, Amit shah narendra modi partnership, Amit shah home minister, Amit shah 2019

The Shah of India: The challenges, and the comparisons, that now face Amit Shah

From Kashmir to Ayodhya, Citizenship Amendment Bill to Naxalism, India's new Home Minister has no dearth of tough issues to take on. He also has a host of comparisons riding on him.