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 |  Aage Se Right  |  6-minute read
West Bengal, Bengali, Language, Mamata Banerjee

Why Mamata Banerjee's politics over Bengali language is a self goal

Most non-Bengalis living and working in Bengal already know the language.


 |  It Could Happen to You  |  5-minute read
Vegetarianism, Bengali, Navratri, Durga Puja

Who does goddess Durga actually belong to?

As her history shows, anybody who wants to worship and in any which way.


 |  4-minute read
Vegetarianism, Bengali, Navratri, Durga Puja

Vegetarian vigilantism during Durga Puja is silly

Being married into a Bengali family made me realise how there was no hypocrisy, no hiding, no lies as nothing was forbidden.


 |  2-minute read
Boroline, Kolkata, Bengali

Ode to Boroline, or how to make a Bengali’s head explode?

What really gets our goat is the way the rest of India pronounces 'Kolkata'.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Meat Ban, Bengali, Mahesh Sharma

Why Mahesh Sharma affects my Bengali Hindu sensibilities

The Union minister must realise that it may do the country a world of good if he sticks to meatier issues.