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Una uprising, Dalits, Azadi Kooch, Bhim Army

Challenges before Dalits' Azadi Kooch and Bhim Army

The caste-annihilation movement must guard against threats from the State and from 'within'.


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Caste Atrocities, Modi government, Bhim Army, Dalit politics

BJP can no longer take Dalits for granted

A Freedom March would be taken out on July 11 from Gujarat's Mehsana to commemorate the first anniversary of the Una flogging incident.


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Bhim Army, Yogi Adityanath, Saharanpur riots

Saharanpur riots: There is substance in Dalit allegations

After Yogi Adityanath's advent to power in Uttar Pradesh, people had expected things to improve - but that is not to be.


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Caste Atrocities, Bhim Army, Dalits, Saharanpur

The great historical wrongs behind Saharanpur clashes must not be airbrushed

While 'Dalit assertion' is about removing caste barriers, 'Thakur assertion' is a trope to resurrect old hierarchies.


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Casteism, Dalits, Bhim Army

Rise of Bhim Army shows Dalit anger is spilling over under Modi-Yogi rule

Jantar Mantar was bathed in blue on Sunday signifying a new phase of Ambedkarite assertion to fight saffronisation of politics.


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IG Kalluri, IIMC, Dalits, Bhim Army

'New India' of Hindutva needs Dalit anger and student protests

The good news is that the rebels have refused to go down without a fight.