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Books, The boy the mole the fox and the horse, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, April 22: The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse for a break from the gloom

Pick up Charlie Mackesy's The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse for a short break from all the gloom.


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Books, Book excerpt, Bloomsbury, Steppingbeyondkhaki

Stepping Beyond Khaki: A tale of policing

[Book excerpt] The book is a tell-all memoir by celebrated former police officer K Annamalai.


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Books, Sonia shah, Bloomsbury, The next great migration

How the urge to migrate is coded in our genes

An exclusive excerpt from Sonia Shah's latest book, The Next Great Migration, that makes the case for a future in which migration is not a source of fear, but of hope.


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Book Review, Books, Instamatic

The story of Instamatic

What could have been a harrowing time became full of purpose. A calling. A metier.


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Books, Tihar Jail, Book Review, Blackwarrant

Black Warrant: On the wrong side of Tihar's high walls

Sunil Gupta and Sunetra Choudhury's book is not for the faint-hearted.


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Library, Bangladesh, Polan sarkar, Books

A bringer of light: In an age of Internet book challenges, why we must remember a modest Bangladeshi man

For 30 years, Polan Sarkar remained the 'walking library' for villagers who had to drop out of school for financial reasons. But who could read books, thanks to Polan.


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Classics, Reading, Literature, Books

Looking for something to read? 16 underappreciated classics from around the world

These should be read by everyone who cares about literature.


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Hyper nationalism, Books, Pakistan, Raza Rumi

Being Pakistani: Raza Rumi’s new book and his never-ending 'teenage' angst

His rejection of the mindset that is at work to cleanse the country of dissent and diversity is based on Pakistan's rich past that transcends national boundaries.


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Literature, Novels, Reading culture, Books

How to read a novel, a poem and a judgment: Yes, we need to learn the art of reading all over again

Few have read classics beyond the compulsory reading at schools. Almost none can recite a major poem or quote from a classic play.


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Oral history, Literature, Books, Education

An ode to my teachers whose lectures had to be listened to, not downloaded

My college students do not know how to read a book. They insist on a summary or ask for power points.