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Caa-nrc protest, George floyd death, Socialjustice

What social justice means in a deeply polarised landscape

Institutions or a rules-based order, without systemic cultivation of virtue-ethics in social-action, will see the meaning and delivery of justice as a temporal response to shared resentment.


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Caa-nrc protest, Ram mandir babri masjid case, Article 370 revoked, Modi2.0

Modi 2.0: The story so far

In the fast-changing post-Covid-19 global order, the world is facing an unprecedented leadership crisis. India is relatively better, with Modi's ratings still high both domestically and internationally.


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Lokpal Act, Anna Hazare, Margaret thatcher, JP Movement

How the CAA movement has shaken the establishment

The Modi-Shah combine is handling the CAA movement with a rigid unflinching strategy to not give in when good sense should have prevailed.