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LoC, Counter terrorism, Ceasefire Violation, Anti personnel landmines

A chronicle of life and limb on LoC

The study by army doctors has minutely studied the pattern of limb injuries sustained by its men over the last six years.


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Rajouri, Poonch, Ceasefire Violation, Pakistani shelling

Villagers in border areas fully back PM Modi. Their wait for bunkers to duck Pakistani shelling must end now

People living along the LoC believe that Modi is their saviour in this hour of crisis. They, however, await monetary compensation for treatment of injuries received via shelling from the other side.


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DGMO, LoC, Ceasefire Violation, Pakistan

Why India-Pakistan DGMOs holding talks about LoC ceasefire violations is more political than you think

The telephonic conversation took place following a request by the Pakistani side.


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Ceasefire Violation, Cross-border Terrorism, India-Pakistan ties, Sunjuwan attack

Sunjuwan attack: Pakistan-sponsored terror attack is an 'act of war'

No more 'kadi ninda', India needs to take Islamabad to task for attacking Army families.


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Kashmir Unrest, Deep state, Ceasefire Violation, India pakistan border

Did India's surgical strikes escalate ceasefire violations with Pakistan?

Drawing conclusions from statistical figures may be incorrect.


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Ceasefire Violation, Indian Army

Indian Army jawan beheaded at Machil is no lone instance of Pakistan's barbarity

A list of the lives lost to cross-LoC tensions.


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Ceasefire Violation, Lance Naik Sudheesh Kumar

Why a family of martyr in UP protested over his funeral

Lance Naik Sudheesh Kumar was martyred during cross-border firing in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri sector on October 16.