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Terrorism, Narendra Modi, Ceasefire, Kashmir

Why Modi government's Ramzan ceasefire in Kashmir is doomed to fail

The current non-initiation of combat operations comes in a confused and chaotic circumstance.


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Islam, Hurriyat, Army, Ceasefire

Rejection of ceasefire offer in Kashmir shows the Hurriyat’s anti-Islamic face

This article was co-authored by Colonel Vivek Chadha (retd) and Dr Adil Rasheed, research fellows at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.


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Mehbooba Mufti, Ramzan, Jammu and Kashmir, Ceasefire

Kashmir Ramzan ceasefire is a wise move by Indian government

Security ops pause helps peace cause – and hurts militancy.


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Terrorism, Kashmir, Ceasefire, Ramzan

Kashmir's Ramzan ceasefire is total foolishness, which will only hurt our security forces

The move shows no knowledge of ground realities in J&K — it will simply escalate militant violence.


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Militancy, Ramzan, Ceasefire, Kashmir

Give Kashmir a break – why we desperately need a Ramzan ceasefire

In 2000, PM Vajpayee gave Kashmiris hope with his ceasefire move. Politicians today must show the same trust.


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Mehbooba Mufti, Militancy, Ceasefire, Kashmir

Why the last thing Kashmir needs is a ceasefire now

Calling for a pause only shows the political duplicity that fuels J&K's militancy fire.