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Chinese media, Bhutan, India-China Ties, Doklam standoff

Doklam standoff: Breaking down Chinese media attack on India

Among Beijing's objectives was to lower India’s prestige in the region as well as globally.


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Lies, Chinese media, India-China Relations, Doklam standoff

Doklam standoff ending is a big diplomatic win for both India and China

New Delhi and Beijing have agreed to 'expeditious disengagement' of troops in the tri-junction.


 |  5-minute read
India-China Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Chinese media, Doklam standoff

Why end of Doklam standoff is a much needed strategic relief for India and China

Agreeing to ‘expeditious disengagement’ and withdrawal of troops is a welcome step.


 |  Beijing Diary  |  3-minute read
Chinese media, Nikkei, Financial Times

Financial Times sale: Japan’s Nikkei, China’s envy

For more than a decade now, Beijing's Mandarins have dreamt of such an acquisition the Japanese have tasted success with.


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India-China Ties, Chinese media

Why Chinese media is covering local Indian news more closely

News in Beijing has moved beyond New Delhi and border irritants to focus on 'subnational ties'.