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Congress-jds, Laxman savadi, Karnataka politics, Bs yediyurappa

Why Karnataka looks set for mid-term polls

Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa is reportedly unhappy with the way the party handled the appointment of ministers.


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Narendra Modi, Congress-jds, Karnataka Assembly, Loks sabha 2019

What we know about 2019 general elections as things stand of today

A Modi-II government, if it is formed in 2019, will likely resemble a UPA-II government when the Congress won 206 seats and its allies lifted it past 272 seats.


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Lok Sabha 2019, Congress-jds, Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls

Karnataka elections mark the beginning of a new trend in politics

The principles of democracy will be flagrantly violated if such practices continue.


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Congress-jds, Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa, BJP

Did BJP come in the way of BS Yeddyurappa winning Karnataka?

BSY camp insiders believe there was a sabotage by some senior BJP leaders.


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BJP, Congress-jds, Karnataka Assembly polls, Yeddyurappa resigns

BJP has even made Rahul Gandhi a hero by not being able to form government in Karnataka

The implications of the BJP's embarrassing defeat in Karnataka will be enormous in national politics.


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Congress-jds, Democracy, BJP-RSS, Karnataka Assembly polls

Why I'm seriously worried about this country (and so should you be)

Voting has become a mechanical exercise that gives the illusion of agency and free choice.


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Congress-jds, BJP, Floor test, Karnataka Assembly polls

Karnataka drama: Why BJP should worry about winning the floor test

Sometimes you sacrifice your today for a better tomorrow.


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Supreme Court, BJP, Congress-jds, Governor

Karnataka: Where are the laws to prevent 'MLA shopping' and 'resort politics'?

The governor's office is expected to exercise constitutional and political morality because it's an office that by far is beyond the purview of the courts.


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Horse-Trading, BJP, Congress-jds, Karnataka elections

Cancelled flights, disappearing MLAs, midnight escape. How the Karnataka drama unfolded after hours

The MLAs were instructed to confuse mediapersons about their destination.


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Congress-jds, Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls, Siddaramaiah

Congress-JD(S) cry foul over BJP government, but who did Karnataka really vote for?

It's worth noting that 17 of the 30 ministers in Siddaramaiah's cabinet lost their seats, that too by sizable margins.