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India, Culture wars, Slavery, Racism

Race to the Bottom: How racism infects sport, education, film and everyday life all around us

Prejudice is global. India is not immune. But the truth is indisputable. With slavery, colonialism and the treatment of aboriginal people, the West practiced racism on an industrial scale.


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Culture wars, Christianity, John chau, Sentinel island

The Sentinelese are not 'White Man's Burden'. Neither is the world

The project to convert Sentinelese was not a solo enterprise by Chau, but was a part of a global effort to spread Christianity across the world.


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TM Krishna, Carnatic Music, Syncretism, Culture wars

TM Krishna: The concert and the questions

In choosing to sing of all gods with passion, Krishna has evoked an age-old Indian tradition. He’s also left his critics fuming, which is a wonderful note to strike.