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Donald Trump, Sushant Singh Rajput, Saif Ali Khan, Rheachakraborty

DailyOh! Was Rhea Chakraborty dealing in drugs, to revelations Saif Ali Khan’s book can make

The Enforcement Directorate has reportedly handed over the findings of Rhea's drug deals to the CBI.


 |  3-minute read
Facebook, Jair bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump

How Covid-19 and Facebook are interconnected in US, Brazil and India

USA, Brazil, and India are the world’s worst Covid-19-affected countries that are also the most polarised democracies and the largest consumers of Facebook.


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Arvind Kejriwal, Donald Trump, Serosurvey, Antibodytesting

DailyOh! You may have got the virus and beaten it already, to what Trump can learn from Kennedy

ICMR says 15-30 per cent of those in containment zones may have already recovered without falling ill, and getting to know the virus got to them.


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Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, Cyclones, Nisargalandfall

DailyOh! How bad was Great Bombay Cyclone, to how military curbed 1992 protests in US

The Great Bombay Cyclone of 1882 reportedly left over 1 lakh people dead.


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Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, Herd immunity, Cyclonenisarga

DailyOh! Why Manu Sharma is out of jail, to how deadly Cyclone Nisarga is likely to be

In Delhi, the killer of Jessica Lal, Manu Sharma, has got an early release from jail. Meanwhile, Maharashtra and Gujarat are bracing for Cyclone Nisarga.


 |  4-minute read
Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Facebook, Georgefloyddeath

We will all breathe for George Floyd. Except Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg

Those of us who can breathe, belong to a connected world without digital boundaries. Some of us are in anguish; some of us are feeling powerless, fearful or angry.


 |  4-minute read
Donald Trump, US-China Relations, Cold War, Coronaviruspandemic

How coronavirus has stirred a new Cold War

The Covid-19 pandemic has set the stage for a long-term geopolitical conflict between China and the United States-led Western alliance.


 |  5-minute read
Donald Trump, Eid, Ramzan, Sachintendulkar

DailyOh! Who bought Sachin’s Ferrari, to Ramzan Mubarak or Ramadan Mubarak, what to say?

The Master Blaster’s Ferrari made Jayesh Desai an overnight celebrity but brought celebrity troubles too.


 |  14-minute read
Vijay Rupani, Donald Trump, WHO, Vinaydubey

DailyOh! Why Trump won’t give WHO cotton and linen, to who is Vinay Dubey, the man held for Mumbai migrant trouble

Here’s the truth about US paper money that WHO can’t let go of.


 |  12-minute read
Donald Trump, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Masks

DailyOh! Should you wear (or not wear) masks?

The Japanese wear masks on their faces to save others. Here’s what you should do.