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India-us relations, India-us trade, Donald Trump, Trumpindiavisit

Coming up Trumps

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about how the US President’s visit was a triumph of Modi’s personalised, pragmatic and multi-aligned foreign policy, in the March 9, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Coronavirus, Donald Trump, Holi2020

DailyOh! Balam Pichkari for Holi handwashing, to why Trump is no one to give finger-lickin gyaan

Holi 2020 is just a week away but no one is excited because, coronavirus. Get some Balam Pichkari to make your Holi a little better this corona season. Also, why Donald Trump should be the last one to give gyaan on finger licking.


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Trump in india, Donald Trump, India-us trade, Indiaustrade

The big picture on India-US trade deal

Being part of global value and supply chains remains critical for Indian firms to become more competitive over time and extract greater value.


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India-us relations, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Trumpinindia

How Trump's visit was big on impact

The true impact of 'Namaste Trump' will far exceed the hype or the fine print.


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Riots in india, Donald Trump, Trump india visit, Delhiriots

DailyOh! When threats of protest made Trump cancel his UK visit, to what he ate in India today

Trump cancelled his UK visit fearing bum protests, but much earlier it caused a riot that killed over 10,000 people.


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India-us trade, India-us relations, Donald Trump, Trumpinindia

Why Donald Trump delivered a masterful address at Motera

The US President’s speech struck all the right notes about Modi’s leadership and India’s achievements under him.


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Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Namastetrump

DailyOh! Raymond connection to Air Force One colours to why Namaste and Namaskar Trump are not same

Air Force One and POTUS are inseparable. So much so that if the US President isn’t onboard, Air Force One cannot even be called Air Force One.


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India-us trade, India-us relations, Melania Trump, Donald Trump

Why POTUS needs India on his side

Much needs to be done by the Modi government to take the India-US relationship to a new level despite key challenges.


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Donald Trump, Chinese trade, China's rise, Huawei

Why China's rise is attested by the West

Western nations continue to use Huawei as it does not have a coherent strategy to manage Beijing even after acknowledging the problems its rise has engendered.


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India brazil ties, Donald Trump, Latin America, Jair bolsonaro

How India is looking to revive ties with Brazil

Bolsonaro’s visit marks both a re-affirmation and a consolidation of India-Brazil ties after the high point reached in the relationship under President Lula and the slowdown in momentum under his successor Dilma Roussef.