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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Global power, China

Why China cannot be considered a dependable global power

Beijing is so obsessed with becoming the power center of the world that it does not even hesitate to use unfair means to reach its objectives


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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Diplomacy, Trade war

Why US-China tussle could become more than just a trade war

The big question is whether US and China are slow-marching to an armed conflict.


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Brett kavanaugh, Misogyny, Beer, Donald Trump

Why it's impossible to grin and beer Donald Trump and his misogyny

He asks: 'Can you imagine if I had [drunk], what a mess I’d be? I'd be the world's worst.' We say: 'You already are, Mr President.'


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Donald Trump, Supreme Court, Republicans, Ford vs kavanaugh

Why Kavanaugh Vs Ford has deepened the American chasm

Whether Judge Kavanaugh makes it to the highest court of the land remains to be seen. But the questions raised in this process will haunt America.


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Patriarchy, Donald Trump, Christine ford, Brett kavanaugh

Ford vs Kavanaugh should teach all men, you will be held accountable for your actions 

The hostility faced by Ford on reporting sexual violence and the support to Kavanaugh, her alleged attacker, shows misogynistic rape culture in the USA and elsewhere. But this culture is also under attack now.


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Patriarchy, Donald Trump, Christine ford, Brett kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh vs Christine Ford hearing: The entitled boys’ club continues to defend its own

Twenty seven years after Anita Hill, America faces the same questions on sexual harassment again. But this time, the event is empowering.


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South china sea, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, China-russia

What India has to fear if Russia and China join hands

New Delhi must step up its Russia outreach when Russian President Vladimir Putin visits India next month.


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Donald Trump, Lehman brothers, Economy, 2008 global economic crisis

Lehman crashed. But India, China and later, USA rose from 2008's debris

The global economic crisis of 2008, triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, gave Asia a chance to rise, and let nationalist leaders, including Donald Trump, emerge


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Vivek Agnihotri, Right-wing, White House, Donald Trump

Why Right may be wrong on Twitter

Twitter admitted that it has been profiling its users, monitoring them actively through artificial intelligence, ranking them, restricting them and also making them 'disappear' at times.