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Dowry, Marriage, Sushil Kumar Modi, Patna

How Sushil Kumar Modi walked the talk on fighting dowry

The wedding of Bihar deputy CM's son saw more than 700 people pledge not to give or take dowry in their children's marriages.


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Anti-dowry law, Killing, Dowry

Acid attack on woman for dowry reveals ugly face of Indian culture

Dowry harassment is the last thing that concerns the headline-hogging politicians.


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School education, Feminism, Dowry

Maharashtra textbook is sadly right, parents of 'ugly' women do have to shell out more dowry

The state education board has done a service by highlighting the ugly truth that a faux-liberal India finds difficult to admit.


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Times of India, Dowry, Wedding, Demonetisation

Oh TOI, marriage breaking over dowry isn't 'heartbreaking'

More than being a side-effect of demonetisation, this is plainly criminal.


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Marital Violence, Acid attack, Dowry

Beaten, burnt and left to die, this dowry survivor has a message for the world

'My face, chest... everything is scarred. But I live with dignity. No woman must live in fear of men.'


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Dowry, Divorce, Child Marriage, Relationships

What India's old and unusual marriage customs tell us about a woman's consent

To insist on spousal rights, regardless of spousal desire, is a short-sighted and self-defeating enterprise.


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Dowry, Groom Wanted, Matrimonial Ads

How matrimonial ads pushed me out of marriage market

Preparing a marriage pitch for a daughter who is not fair, not 'homely', doesn't cook food is an uphill task.


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Law, Dowry, Supreme Court, Section 498a

Proposed anti-dowry law will make women more unsafe

The proposed amendments to Section 498A can protect those who kill for dowry.