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Dynasty politics, Narendra Modi, Congress president, Priyanka gandhi vadra

The 'D' Delusion: What the collective Congress meltdown says about India’s feudal family politics

The Congress is having a breakdown facing political life without the direct running of the Gandhis. There are very important lessons for other political parties here.


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Akash anand, Anand Kumar, Mahagathbandhan, Gandhi dynasty

Sab Maya Hai: But Mayawati's nephew is a natural successor to the BSP supremo. Why so surprised?

Why are people surprised by Mayawati’s decision to bequeath the BSP to Akash Anand? Is it the first time we're seeing a rich party go from a senior to junior relative's hands?


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Dynasty politics, Smriti wins amethi, Smriti irani vs rahul gandhi, Rahul gandhi amethi

Aspiration vs entitlement: Potential and promise trumped dynasty and inheritance in the battle for Amethi

Smriti Irani, a self-made woman who showed potential to be a great leader, won over Rahul Gandhi, an entitled and privileged man, with family inheritance.


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Lok Sabha 2019, Lok sabha election results, Dynasty politics, Congress

Rahul hai to mushkil hai! It’s time for Congress to get rid of dynastic politics

The Shah-Modi hit jodi have made voters aware that they are better off without political parties that are run like a family business.


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Dynasty politics, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Congress

'Dishonouring the Dead': Who can beat the Congress in this dept?

From Sardar Patel to PV Narasimha Rao, the list of illustrious leaders reportedly scorned by the Congress, even in their final journeys, is a long one.


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Dynasty politics, Constitution, Jammu and Kashmir, Article 35A

Annul Article 35A: This Article has crushed economic development, and a lot more, in Jammu and Kashmir

The basis of Article 35A and Article 370 is to protect J&K’s demography. But from what? The rest of India? From non-Muslims? 35A is based purely on discrimination. Imagine if such an Act existed in the rest of the country.


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Trinamool Congress, Misuse of power, Political clout, Dynasty politics

Bad Heir Day: The strange tale of Mamata's kin's standoff with customs officials in Kolkata

Kolkata customs officials and Mamata Banerjee's nephew's wife's reported altercation proves how nothing is beyond political power in India.


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Indira Gandhi, Congress, Dynasty politics, Priyanka gandhi vadra

Lok Sabha 2019: Why I think the Congress is making an error by fore-fronting Priyanka Gandhi

There are strong reasons why to many Priyanka appears a reluctant politician. And the Congress looks pushed to the wall, pushing her to head its political war.


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Dynasty politics, Indian National Congress, Congress president, Rahul Gandhi

This is one election he'll surely win: Twitter reactions to Rahul Gandhi's elevation as Congress president

Rahul Gandhi is set to be the undisputed boss in the Congress party.


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Dynasty politics, Congress president, Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Will Rahul Gandhi answer me? Shehzad Poonawalla asks hard-hitting questions

It's sad the Congress chooses to masquerade the coronation as election for party president.