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2010s: The decade that critically shapes the one ahead

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about changes of the past decade that he says are likely to critically shape the new one, in the December 23, 2019 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Economic Growth, Economic slowdown india, UPA 2, Arvind subramanian

Dear Arvind Subramanian, India’s economic growth rate has not been overestimated. Here is why I am countering you

Revisions in GDP numbers happened regularly, even during Congress-led dispensations. Singling out the Modi govt for a routine revision in line with global best practices is sheer hypocrisy.


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GDP growth, Narendra Modi, Modinomics, Economic Growth

Indian Economy: Stories of a structural slowdown are farce. Data shows Modinomics is propelling India towards strong growth

Key corporates in the cement, two-wheeler, home loans and consumer goods space are clocking in healthy double-digit growth. Sectors facing a temporary slowdown are hit by global or seasonal factors only.


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GDP, Economic slowdown, Nirmala Sitharaman, Economic Growth

Dire Straits: The Indian economy is in a major slowdown. Can Nirmala Sitharaman fix it?

With economic growth at its lowest and unemployment at its highest in several quarters, alongside a likely delayed monsoon, the FM's task is only uphill.


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Raghuram Rajan, Urjit Patel, GDP growth, Economic Growth

An economic blueprint for the new Prime Minister: How remonetisation is the only solution

By keeping interest rates artificially high, RBI governors Raghuram Rajan and Urjit Patel squeezed the life out of the economy. Demonetisation administered the last rites. India's new PM must aggressively reform and remonetise.


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India to be the world’s 5th largest economy: Why this vital story should not be underplayed

The failure to acknowledge India’s growth story for the fear of who will walk away with the credit is a grave injustice to the 1.33 crore-plus people of this country. It also prepares the path for economic harm rather than further good health.


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44 Years. 60 per cent. How humanity destroyed three-fifth of all vertebrate wildlife between 1970 and 2014

Our increasing reliance on natural systems has made it clear that nature is not just a ‘nice to have’. The deadline for active conservation was yesterday.


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Grameen bank, Bangladesh, Kaushik basu, Economic Growth

Bengal and Bangladesh face similar challenges

To sustain the growth, it is crucial to address issues like corruption and inequality.


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GDP, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Modi government, Economic Growth

What the 'puzzling data' tell us about the state of Indian economy

The biggest confusion has been the lack of growth of merchandise exports over the last four years.


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Modi government, GDP, India, Economic Growth

What double-digit growth? Lowly 7% GDP is India's new normal

The NDA government could have easily pushed India's growth to more than 8 per cent.