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 |  7-minute read
Farmers' protests, Rhea chakraborty, Drugs, Deepikapadukone

DailyOh! Jaya, Karishma aur Deepika: What powder they want, to why farmers get MSP

Rhea Chakraborty and brother Showik to remain in judicial custody till October 6.


 |  Ed Hoc  |  3-minute read
Hindutva terror, Religious divide, Loan waiver, Farmers' protests

Angry Hanuman or Hungry Kisan? Who will decide 2019?

The 'angry Hanuman' raging against liberal voices, or the distraught and economically backward farmer with a blistered foot — your vote on one of these two images will decide who will rule India for the next five years.


 |  4-minute read
Economy, Modi government, Agriculture, Farmers' protests

How unrealistic is doubling Indian farmers' income by 2022?

The ongoing protests say a different story altogether.


 |  Retrofit  |  4-minute read
Farmers, Unemployment, Narendra Modi, Farmers' protests

Are Modi and Amit Shah aware farmers are protesting and the youth are losing jobs?

This could well precipitate another India Shining moment for the NDA.