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 |  Fortune Cookie  |  2-minute read
Philadelphia cheese naan, Butter chicken, Foodies paradise, Delicious food

Smart ‘desi’ food with a dollop of Gulati spice: This restaurant whips up delicious chicken tikka and Philadelphia cheese naans

A heaven for foodies!


 |  Hello, Health  |  5-minute read
Seasonal virus, Foodies paradise, Cough and cold, Seasonal flu

Down with the seasonal flu? A smart way of beating the virus is to eat according to the season

Snuggling in, with a blanket and calling in sick from work can only do so much. You have to beat the virus at its own game!


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Foodies paradise, Food delicacies, Tijara fort palace, Lunch thalis

This restaurant in Tijara Fort Palace overlooks a beautiful oasis of date palm trees and whips out delicious lunch thalis

Heaven on earth? You bet! The restaurant is rightfully called ‘Maya’ (illusion) because it overlooks a beautiful oasis and serves heavenly food!


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  4-minute read
Yellow brick restaurant, Foodies paradise, Food porn, Delicious food

Inspired by the Wizard of Oz and Elton John’s popular number, the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ restaurant will satiate all your food cravings

Located in the corner of The Ambassador hotel, the restaurant whips up sinfully delicious delicacies that will give you multiple foodgasms.