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Ghazipur dump yard, Taj mahal pollution, Garbage dump, Waste segregation

Standing taller than the Taj: The dump yard of Ghazipur

India's tallest rubbish mountain in Delhi is set to rise higher than Taj Mahal by 2020.


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Taj mahal pollution, Pollution, Ghazipur dump yard, Garbage dump

Because our garbage is greater than our glories: How the dump yard of Ghazipur will soon be taller than Taj Mahal

India's tallest garbage mountain, located in Delhi, will rise higher than the Taj Mahal by 2020. While this will make it the perfect symbol for the world's most polluted city, it is also a huge health hazard.


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Rajasthan government, Garbage dump, Waste Management, Cow protection

Gau figure: How garbage has killed about 1000 bovine animals in Rajasthan, a state notorious for cow vigilantism

It's worth noting that Rajasthan is the same state that boasted of the country's first cow welfare ministry.


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Modi, Garbage dump, Unique campaign ideas, Pakistan election campaign

Bizarre bhai-bhai: Pakistani politician sitting atop garbage dump is giving stiff competition to Indian netas

Both India-Pak voters are 'victims' of weird-neta photo-ops and cringe-worthy moments.