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Students, Drugs, Greater Noida, Rave party

Don't Rave, Just Rant! Why this Greater Noida 'rave party' is an interesting statistical study

Because nothing was found apart from excessive numbers, including that of the police.


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Dussehra, Greater Noida, Bisrakh, Ravana

On Ram Navami, news from Bisrakh, birthplace of Ravana where he is worshipped, and Dussehra isn't observed

Bishrakh village is named after Ravana's father, Vishwashrawa. The village also has a Ravana temple. And a Ravana DJ, shops, even a health care centre.


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Snake charmer, Mayawati, Greater Noida, Old voter

Meet Khush Nath, Voter of 90 Years: "I have voted in every poll since 1947. I prefer ballot paper to EVM. At least I knew who got my vote''

Khush Nath has never missed an opportunity to vote. After 1947, he started by voting for Jawaharlal Nehru 'and whoever would give my village a samosa'. Today, he's using EVM machines.


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Man-made disaster, Disaster management, Building collapse, Greater Noida

How collusion between authorities and builders are leading to deadly building collapses

Delhi-NCR doesn't seem to have learnt any lessons. Nor does it seem to be in the mood to learn.


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South India, Racism, Greater Noida, Tarun vijay

Tarun Vijay's guide to saying Indians aren't racist by making a racist comment about South Indians

This is not your bigoted neighbourhood uncle trying to justify his bigotry with asinine statements.


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Racism, Nigerians, Afrophobia, Greater Noida

Our landlady called a Kenyan baby a 'bad omen': That's how racist Indians are

My experience has led me to believe we, as a nation, need to change our attitude.


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Greater Noida, Racism, Nigerians

Indians are racist but Nigerians made me feel at home in their country

Having moved to Nigeria recently, I find the people here warm and accepting.


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Racial Attacks, Greater Noida, Nigerians, Afrophobia

Attacks on Africans: India must get rid of its prejudices

The restive crowd in Greater Noida must not forget there are more than 2 lakh Indians living in Nigeria alone.


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Greater Noida, Afrophobia, Nigerians, Racism

Racist attack on African students in Greater Noida is both sad and hypocritical

As black students share clips of violence, placards saying ‘Nigerian-free Noida’ have been reportedly seen.