Gujarat Assembly polls



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Modi, BJP, Gujarat Assembly polls

Why Modi and Amit Shah can no longer take BJP victory in Gujarat for granted

If the party manages to hold on to the state, it will tout that as an endorsement of its decisions like the GST.


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BJP, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Gujarat Assembly polls

What we know about who's winning Gujarat Assembly elections

While Congress focuses on disenchanted Dalits, Patidars, OBCs and Muslims, the women of Gujarat could tip the poll in BJP’s favour.


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Hardik Patel, Patidars, Congress, Gujarat Assembly polls

Has Congress done a backflip on Patel reservation issue in Gujarat?

The party, which was the reason behind Patel stir for quota in the first place, is trying to woo them.


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Congress, BJP, Modi, Gujarat Assembly polls

Why a win may not be enough for BJP in Modi's Gujarat

India Today cover story explores how Rahul Gandhi and an alliance of opponents threaten to dent the saffron party's prospects.


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Gujarat Assembly polls, Lynching, Moustache protest, Dalits beaten up

In developed Gujarat, Dalits can't sport moustaches, attend garbas

Social tensions and skewed economic development put the state on the boil repeatedly.


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Narendra Modi, Gujarat Assembly polls, Rahul Gandhi

Can Rahul Gandhi’s bullock cart yatra in Gujarat bolster Congress' chances?

Denied permission for open-jeep roadshow for his campaign in the election-bound western state, the INC VP showed political innovation.