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Supreme Court, Women's autonomy, Love Jihad, Hadiya case

Hadiya case: It took Supreme Court to rule that adult Indians can marry who they want

Law's excesses had entered her life long before her marriage.


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Women's Rights, Supreme Court, Kerala love jihad, Hadiya case

Hadiya case is an example of how Indian society loves to cage women

Whether it is at home or school or work, our opinions and decisions are constantly undermined.


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Hadiya case, Kerala love jihad, Love Jihad

You must be a 'good girl', Hadiya!

The Kerala 'love jihad' case is a classic example of how misogyny and phobia feed off each other.


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Hadiya, Hadiya case, Kerala love jihad, Supreme Court

SC only allowing Hadiya to resume studies is neither freedom nor justice for love jihad case victim

The apex court has moved her from her father’s custody to that of the college dean.


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Supreme Court, Love Jihad, NIA, Hadiya case

Courts raising ‘love jihad’ bogey is a breach of women’s fundamental rights to religion and privacy

After Kerala High Court, it’s the turn of Rajasthan HC to entertain a plea that’s essentially against interfaith marriage.


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Hadiya, NIA, Supreme Court, Love Jihad

Hadiya case exposes our deep-rooted misogyny

Although women are given equal rights, their bodies and sexuality remain the battleground for cultural war.


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Hadiya, Love Jihad, Religious conversions, Hadiya case

It's sad how everyone but Hadiya has had a say in Kerala 'love jihad' case

A new video shows the 24-year-old saying she fears for her life in her father's home.


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Hadiya, Jan Raksha Yatra, Hadiya case, Kerala

Kerala HC’s indictment of ‘love jihad’ brigade is an urgent dose of secular sanity for India

Communalising inter-faith marriages harms social harmony, said the division bench of the high court.


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Hadiya, Right to Privacy, Aadhaar, Hadiya case

How right to privacy fails Hadiya, put under house arrest by her father

What about the right to public?