Hate Speech



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BJP, Freedom of Expression, Hate Speech, Section 66A

Government is hiding behind hate speech to bring back Section 66A

The proposed amendments are a sham, colourable exercise to restrict freedom of expression, democratic dissent and advocacy.


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Hate Speech, Trump, Charlottesville violence

Lessons from Charlottesville: This is how you float above the hate

Hitting out will not win this day or hold back the raging, hateful and sectarian waves.


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Hate Speech, Arundhati Roy, Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal tweeting Arundhati Roy should be tied to Army jeep is plain inflammatory

'A ruling party MP wants to use an author as a human shield in conflict. And then we worry about lynchings and mob rule.'


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Hate Speech, Yogi Adityanath, JNU, Najeeb Ahmed

Najeeb Ahmed Googling ISIS isn’t the issue, rewarding hate speech is

In this vikas-loving country, browsing for communally-charged content is frowned upon, but not creating it.


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Shehla Rashid, Hate Speech, JNU, AMU

Open letter to Shehla Rashid, from former AMU Students Union leader

Let me express my deep sense of shock and disgust over an FIR filed against you in Aligarh.


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RSS, Hate Speech, Baba Ramdev, Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Bure din for Bharat Mata: Ramdev the rakshas wants to cut heads off

Yoga guru's comment is hate speech, a direct incitement to violence. Will he be arrested?


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Hate Speech, Twitter Trolls, SelfieWithDaughter, Freedom of Expression

How the internet can crush a woman's freedom

Today a smartphone is all you need to destroy her.


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Trolls, Hate Speech, Women

On Sadhvis and sex workers: Listen up, trolls

Abuse is part of the parlance of the troll Nazis, because none of them is really up for a debate.