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 |  6-minute read
India-US Ties, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Hindu Sena

Hindu Sena should do India a favour by performing havan for Modi-Trump meet

US president is as unpredictable in his meetings with world leaders as Indian PM is predictable.


 |  Angiography  |  4-minute read
Hindutva, US Presidential Elections, Hindu Sena, Donald Trump

Just how deep is 'Hindu Americans' and Trump's love?

The Republican Hindu Coalition is in vitro fertilising RSS-VHP-birthed worldview with the GOP nominee's fuzzy idea of India.


 |  4-minute read
Jantar Mnatar, Hindu Sena, Donald Trump

When Hindu Sena celebrated the birthday of Donald Trump, their newest god

The Republican presidential candidate joins the pantheon of the existing 33,00,00,000 deities. Twitter laps him up.


 |  Shake Chilli  |  2-minute read
Hindu Sena, US Presidential Elections, Donald Trump

Importance of being Donald Trump

Some inconsistencies in the behaviour of the American voter almost make me like him.


 |  4-minute read
Sadhvi Prachi, Hindu Sena, Jungle Raj, Trupti Desai

5 things we want off the headlines. Trupti Desai is no. 1

From the Bhumata Brigade founder's many pilgrimages to sadhus/sadhvis popping up on TV, they hog the limelight, but mean little.


 |  6-minute read
Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, RSS, Hindu Sena

Hindu Sena's havan for Trump shows how laughable Hindutva is

It must be exhausting to be this hateful.


 |  5-minute read
Islam, Hindu Sena, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump

With Modi disappointing, Hindu Sena is right in praying for Trump

If PM can't 'save humanity from Islamic terrorism,' why not transfer loyalty to the Republican?


 |  School of Thought  |  4-minute read
BJP, Hindu Sena, Pakistan, Coast Guard

Pakistan terror boat: Government must answer questions, just as Opposition must ask them

What kind of a party and government is this which threatens to deport those who question it to Pakistan?