Importance of being Donald Trump

Tabish Khair
Tabish KhairMay 26, 2016 | 12:21

Importance of being Donald Trump

The Republicans have given up.

He is not Humpty Dumpty, and it is unlikely that he is going to have a great fall. No, at least not within the Republican circles.

Donald Trump is set to become the Republican candidate for the American presidency, and even Republicans opposed to him seem to be falling in line behind him.


Is that because they hate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Democrats so much that they are willing to back anyone against them? Or, is it because they know which side their bread is buttered? And there is a lot of butter on the bread of American power, believe me!

Now, I have always found the Trump phenomenon illuminating.

For instance, Trump is supported by Christian fundamentalists, but there is little to make us assume that Trump is particularly religious - unless, of course, God is Trump!

Hindu Sena organised a havan to pray for Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 US Presidential Elections on May 11. (AP)

So what are the fundamentalists voting for? Similarly, Republican moralists - who will forbid sex education, affairs, abortion and contraception - are rooting for Trump, a much-much-married man. To say the least.

As are many supposedly "strong" Republican women - not only those of the trophy-wife kind, despite the evidence available at Trump's gatherings - and there is some reason to think that Trump is not much of a feminist.

Finally, a lot of unemployed or semi-employed white men are backing Trump, the often-bankrupted tycoon whose businesses are reported to have made very good use of global financial and labour options and all whose wives seem to have been imported into the US.


Such inconsistencies almost make me like Trump - or at least like him more than I like his hard supporters!

But as if it is not enough that so many Americans are determined to make as*es of themselves - or allow Trump to make as*es of them - we have Indians following suit too. Take, for instance, that "Hindutva" puja at Jantar Mantar to pray for Trump's victory - in the hope that he will then invade Pakistan.

Really? Truly? Given the proofs that Trump has already given of the extent of his general knowledge, he might not be able to tell where Pakistan ends and India begins.

So, look before you Trump!

(Courtesy of Mail Today.)

Last updated: May 26, 2016 | 12:21
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