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China mocks US over Huawei in supremely cringey parody video. You will not die laughing

In a parody video, the Chinese state media poked fun at the US and the UK over their tech privacy and sanctions against Huawei. But we are not sure if the message made it home.


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Donald Trump, Chinese trade, China's rise, Huawei

Why China's rise is attested by the West

Western nations continue to use Huawei as it does not have a coherent strategy to manage Beijing even after acknowledging the problems its rise has engendered.


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Best upcoming camera phones of 2019

Here's taking a look at the best camera phones expected to be launched in the coming months.


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Honor 10 Lite vs Realme U1: Which is the best phone for selfies on a budget?

Let's compare the two phones and see which one comes out on top.


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Smartphone, Huawei, Samsung, Apple

Apple iPhone XI to Samsung Galaxy Flex: Smartphones to look out for in 2019

Let’s take a look at the hotly anticipated devices that could be announced in the coming year.


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TechO, Neeraj Arora, Huawei, Qualcomm

TechO: Neeraj Arora quits WhatsApp; Huawei outlines strategy for India and more

All the important tech news from the week gone by.


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Google Pixel 2, P20 Pro, Huawei, S9

Best camera phones for every budget

From Huawei's P20 Pro to iPhone X, here are the best camera phones available in the market right now.


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Price, Specifications, Flagship, Honor 8 Pro

5 reasons why you should think of buying Honor 8 Pro

With a competitive price, is Huawei's Honor 8 Pro the ultimate flagship killer?


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Best smartphones you can buy for less than 20k right now

Our guide to help you find the perfect mid-range phone.


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Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola

5 smartphones under 15k that are absolutely worth it

There's nothing more satisfying than acquiring a decent mid-range phone.