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India today magazine, Line of actual control, India China border dispute, Galwan clash

Line of no control: The heightened threat of Indo-China military escalation

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about why the LAC needs to become a settled international border if India and China are to pursue the well-being of their people, in the August 9, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Dragon-elephant tango, Buddhism in china, China-india review, Indiachinafaceoff

Review of China-India Review: Why the new Chinese Embassy magazine is pure propaganda

India must not get entangled in this propaganda document trying to pacify the Indian public by showing economic gains for losing territory.


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Supply-chain, India-china trade relations, Boycott china, Indiachinafaceoff

Total boycott of Chinese goods is impractical, but posturing is not a bad idea

Visuals of people throwing 'Made in China' TV sets from their balconies and nationalist groups protesting with anti-China banners are useful ‘conflict-time’ optics that the Chinese state-owned media did not miss.


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Indian Army, Line of actual control, China pakistan ties, Indiachinafaceoff

The challenges of a two-front war

Indian military officials have for long maintained that the armed forces are prepared for a two-front contingency. That moment of truth might be just around the corner.


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Chinese aggression, PM Narendra Modi, Ladakh incursions, Indiachinafaceoff

India-China Face-off: Not the time to distrust the Prime Minister

The citizenry, media and political class must not indulge in unnecessary mud-slinging to create instability. Instead, the whole country should strengthen the resolve of politico-military leadership to secure national sovereign territory.


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India today magazine, Line of actual control, Belt and Road Initiative, Indiachinafaceoff

Taking on China: Why diplomatic resolution of the present crisis is India's best option

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about how India has to maintain its territorial integrity but also has to tread carefully around China, in the June 29, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Economy, Chinese goods market, India-china trade relations, Indiachinafaceoff

How India can hit China where it hurts them most

With a negative public sentiment about China prevailing in India, China, with delinquent antics, is virtually pushing itself to lose out on the buoyant and burgeoning Indian market. This will hit them hard.


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Line of actual control, Indian army commanding officer, Ladakh incursions, Indiachinafaceoff

How PM Modi will give China a befitting reply for its treachery

China will face the might of the powerful nation with a strong leader who has vowed to teach the enemy a lesson.


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Line of actual control, Galwan valley, Ladakh incursions, Indiachinafaceoff

What are the lessons to be learnt from the Ladakh escalation

When talks are in progress, it is presumed that disengagement between the armies will be carried out in a controlled manner.


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Divorce, Indian Army, Galwan valley, Indiachinafaceoff

DailyOh! How Indian soldiers fought China in Galwan Valley on October 20 in 1962

A total of 36 out of the 68 men laid down their lives but not before giving the Chinese a real hard time.