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Pakistan air force, Indian Air Force, China, Balakot air strike

Pakistan had no intel about Balakot: How Pakistan is now amping up its surveillance

The strength of IAF and PAF can't be compared. But China's co-operation in upgrading JK-17 — a kind-of hybrid of MiG21 and F-16 — is significant.


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Pakistan, Iaf air-strikes, Indian Air Force, Balakot

Unravelling Balakot: Clearing the fog that shrouds India’s air strike on Pakistan

Find the answers to queries that have bedevilled us for weeks.


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Indian Air Force, Defence Services, Doklam standoff, Pulwama terrorist attack

From Doklam to Uri to Pulwama, India was caught off-guard. But preparedness is the only way to combat terrorism

The Pulwama attack was an intelligence failure, until we accept that, we will remain exposed to such acts of terrorism. That said, the only way we can fight such slips is if India's defence is amped up.


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Narendra Modi, Iaf air-strikes, Indian Air Force, Rafale

IAF air-strikes: Why Modi can’t blame Congress over Rafale

The Prime Minister must answer why his own government brought down the number of Rafale fighter jets to be brought from 126 to 36.


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Abhinandan varthaman, Indian Air Force, Iaf air strike, BS Yeddyurappa

Air strike for votes? BS Yeddyurappa's latest statement has shocked a nation praying for its pilot

For Yeddyurappa, it seems the main point of the IAF air strike on Pakistan was getting the BJP votes, rather than avenging our bravehearts. Is this what the party leadership endorses?


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Pakistan, Pulwama terror attack, Indian Air Force, Iaf air strike

Escalations likely after Balakot attacks. The question is when?

Indian Air Force has struck Pakistan hard. What are Islamabad’s options?


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Pakistan air force, Indian Air Force, Indian air force surgical strike

MIG 29 vs F 16, Mirage vs Chengdu, Sukhoi vs Thunder: Comparing India and Pakistan's deadliest aircraft

A round-up of the best aircraft that the Indian and Pakistani air forces possess.


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Narendra Modi, Indian air force surgical strike, Indian Air Force, Iaf air strike

Why Indian Air Force’s surgical strike on Pakistan shows Modi government’s courage and pragmatism

In the face of all the war-mongering, the Modi administration has refrained from war, but not decisive action. The move reassures millions of Indians who wanted a strong, decisive leadership.


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Watch live, Live coverage, India Today, Pakistan

Indian Air Force surgical strike on Pakistan: Watch live coverage on India Today TV

Terrorist launchpads in Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarabad were reportedly destroyed in the IAF air strikes.


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Nationalism, Air Force, CBFC, Indian Air Force

Would 'Rang De Basanti' be allowed to release today?

When it released 12 years ago, the radical 'RBD' changed how India saw its youth, and vice-versa. Today, it's hard to image such a film would be allowed to release.