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IAF fighter jets, BrahMos, Missile tests, Indian Air Force

BrahMos: What it means for India to possess world's fastest supersonic cruise missile

The missile may have successfully test-fired, but there are still some challenges ahead.


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Make in India, Indian Air Force, MIG 21, F16

The Viper would be a capable replacement for MiG 21s

The replacement for MiG 21s would ideally be single-engine workhorses which can be pushed to the limit and which would have known abilities.


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Indian Air Force, Lists of Joy

5 IAF aircraft that give me joy

Bringing some Diwali cheer from the newsroom.


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Air Force Day, Indian Air Force

When the house of Air Chief Marshal Raha reverberated with the national anthem

The steely will of our warriors was evident - the radiant faces of our officers and their proud spouses made it clear we are winners.


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Indian Air Force, IAF, Rafale

IAF's 15-years-long wait for Rafale aircraft almost over

As French President François Hollande signs the contract, the consolation is that the 50% offset should bring a new life to the Indian airplane industry.


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Arms & Ammunition, Indian Air Force, 1965 India-Pakistan War

How an ex-Nazi arms dealer sold fighters to India and Pakistan during an arms embargo

Although New Delhi was apparently unaware of the deals with Islamabad, the Indian Navy was in the know of this subterfuge.


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Indian Air Force, IAF, Dakota DC-3

How Dakota, the gooney bird, earned a special place in IAF's history

The vintage aircraft has weathered many a storm and won fierce battles for India.


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Indian Air Force, Patriotism, Republic Day, Indian Army

How Indian military uniforms reflect India’s strength and diversity

For a patriot, there is great pride in witnessing our armed forces striding down in full regalia.


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USA, Make in India, India-Russia Ties, Indian Air Force

From France to Russia: India's defence requirements put us at odds

Some are keen to take advantage of the Make in India campaign.


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Yamuna Expressway, Mirage 2000, IAF, Indian Air Force

How IAF continues to make India proud

The Air Force recently finalised a stretch on the under construction Lucknow-Agra Expressway to build the country’s first road runway for fighter jets.