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Politics, IAF, Indian Army, Army

Very Few Good Men: Why don’t more politicians send their kids to the armed forces?

Apart from two political families, we have not seen any netas send their kids to the armed forces. Why not?


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Nepal, Myths, Indian Army, Yeti

An Icy Mystery: God, demon, prehistoric beast, the magic of the Yeti shall always endure

Some legends say the yeti prey on intruders scaling the peaks. At other times, they have been known to appear out of raging blizzards and help mountaineers find their way.


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Narendra Modi, Manmohan Singh, Surgical strikes, Indian Army

Whose surgical strike anyway: The armed forces are caught in a messy tug-of-war between the BJP and the Congress

The politicisation of the armed forces and attacks on Pakistan continues unabated in the final leg of Lok Sabha Elections 2019.


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Nepal, Himalayas, Indian Army, Yeti

Run away, Yeti: Why the Indian Army sighting 'Yeti footprints' is not good news at all

The Yeti was first ominous in Sherpa folklore. It had a warming change of heart after meeting Tintin and Chang. But now, meeting our social media, it will surely die.


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Indian Army, Kulbhushan kharbanda, Soni razdan, Kashmir

'No Fathers in Kashmir' Movie Review: 'No Fathers in Kashmir' is a valiant attempt at capturing the Valley's sufferings

The world of 'No Fathers in Kashmir' is a small and simple one but encompasses a much bigger, more complex one. The writing and acting, however, aren't without flaws.


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Indian Army, Ministry of Defence, American assault rifles, Arms deal with usa

The red tape and delay in procuring specialised firepower from the United States

The elite Special Force units have resorted to stripping de-commissioned battle tanks or using weapons recovered from militants in the absence of the equipment to be procured from the US.


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Indian Army, Beef Ban, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS

RSS' vegetarian army, in times of conflict with Pakistan and China

Which army is currently protecting India’s borders — the vegetarian RSS army or the multi-cuisine, multicultural Indian army? And who can do a better job?


 |  7-minute read
Indian Army, Chhatrapati shivaji, Bhavani singh ghorpade dattwadkar, World War I

Why Sainik Takli finds itself neglected, despite producing many martyrs

Soldiers from Takli have laid down their lives in every major war that India fought: 1962, 1965, 1971, the IPKF operation in Sri Lanka and Kargil. Yet, the village remains poignantly backward.


 |  4-minute read
Rohingya Muslims, Indian Army, Jaish-e-mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba

How terror handlers are trying to expand beyond the Pir Panjals

As northern part of Jammu and Kashmir is getting largely free of terror outfits, the terrains in south Kashmir are now proving to be more lucrative for sustained militancy


 |  4-minute read
Indian Army, Kashmir, AFSPA, Major Gogoi

Disorder in the ranks: Major Leetul Gogoi only reflects a greater leadership failure

Even as the soldier famous for the 'human shield' in Kashmir is found guilty of serious charges, several officers have approached the SC on their rights. The silence of their seniors is troubling.