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BCCI, Shahryar Khan, India-Pak

No point having India-Pakistan series if Sri Lanka has to host it

Playing in front of empty stands is akin to taking the heart out of a contest of such stature.


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Edhi Foundation, Geeta, India-Pak

Why Edhi Foundation refused Modi's one crore

Abdul Sattar Edhi would take contributions even from drug-smuggling mafiosi, but he can't be seen taking money from any government.


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India-Pakistan ties, Line of control, India-Pak

Why Pakistan doesn't want to normalise ties with India

The outcome of all of Islamabad's 'investigations' into border violations can be easily predicted: New Delhi started it first.


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Geeta, Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena, India-Pak

What happens if Geeta meets Shiv Sena?

Will she be able to tell Uddhav Thackeray her story of unconditional love through sign language?


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India-Pak, Nawaz Sharif, USA, Nuclear Threat

What US cosying up with Pakistan over nuclear talks says about a clueless India

This questions not only the hype surrounding our ties with America, but also Obama's 'short-term foreign policy interests'.


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Shiv Sena, India-Pak, Cricket

Why India-Pakistan cricket brawl is just politics and money

The ball may not swing, but Virat Hindus will continue to bat as if they were still playing in the IPL.


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Pakistan, India-Pak

Why India must worry but not panic over Pakistan's nuclear cry

If New Delhi has plans in place for retaliation, it should not unnecessarily worry about the rising nuclear weapons across the border.


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Shiv Sena, Terrorism, Cricket, India-Pak

Follow Vajpayee, Modi: Can't treat Pakistan's artists and cricketers as terrorists

I find it particularly bizarre that Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar have been asked to leave the country and give up their commentary duties.