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Covid-19, Justin Trudeau, Coronavirus, Lockdown

CORONICLES: How the lockdown taught me to be more considerate towards colleagues

When the Canadian government announced the lockdown, I was alone in a new country.


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Narendra Modi, Foreign relations, Canada, Justin Trudeau

Can Justin Trudeau please stop tripping on India?

A ridiculous trip. And now, an inverted map of India. The joke is honestly on Canada's PM.


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Defence, Bilateral Ties, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron

Why French President Macron's India visit may make Justin Trudeau feel snubbed

Over the last two decades, the partnership has grown steadily, with no major political differences darkening the sky between Paris and Delhi.


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Narendra Modi, Trudeau India visit, Jaspal Atwal, Justin Trudeau

Mistakes we made in India: Justin Trudeau's fictional letter to his children

Don't be too surprised if, once we get back, you hear that someone from the Canadian government has been fired.


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Khalistan, Canada PM, India-Canada ties, Justin Trudeau

No, Justin Trudeau's India visit was not a failure

Canada went out of its way to reassure India on the issue of terrorism and both sides agreed to respect each other's 'sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity'.


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Khalistan, Hindu Rashtra, Justin Trudeau, India-Canada

Those offended by calls for 'Khalistan' should also not tolerate idea of 'Hindu Rashtra'

Justin Trudeau's visit is an occasion to step back and reflect solemnly on what's going on internally to demolish the foundations of secular India.


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Khalistani movement, Punjab, Justin Trudeau, India-Canada

What this daughter of Punjab wants to tell Justin Trudeau about Khalistani terrorism

Terrorism may have ended in 1995, but the people of Punjab are still wounded.


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Foreign relations, Narendra Modi, Justin Trudeau, Modi hugs

Justin Trudeau feels Modi's hug: 10 times Modi proved he is the king of embrace

The clasp is so coveted it was being sorely missed in Canada PM Justin Trudeau’s week-long India visit.


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India-Canada ties, Justin Trudeau, Sabarmati, Fashion

No, Justin Trudeau and his family didn't look ridiculous in Indian clothes

For a lot of foreign tourists, the colourful exotic couture is part of the India experience.


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Canada, Khalistan, Jaspal Atwal, Justin Trudeau

How did a Khalistani terror convict enter India, and get clicked with Justin Trudeau’s wife?

Canada has made a mistake, but India too should have checked who it was issuing visas too.