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Modi, Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi, Temple visits

Useless to target Rahul Gandhi over temple visits. Congress won't win Gujarat anyway

Voters are not naive, existential issues matter more than religious and spiritual invocations.


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Modi, BJP, Gujarat Assembly polls

Why Modi and Amit Shah can no longer take BJP victory in Gujarat for granted

If the party manages to hold on to the state, it will tout that as an endorsement of its decisions like the GST.


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BJP, Rahul Gandhi, Modi, Gujarat Assembly elections

Development won't cut it: Why BJP may end up fielding Vanzara in Gujarat

It will be part of the back-to-communal-basics tactic adopted by BJP president Amit Shah.


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Modi, Bilateral Ties, Kargil, India-Pakistan

A Pakistani explains why India and Pakistan have stopped talking to one another again

The two nations continue to hurl allegations amid soldiers and civilians dying at the LoC.


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Congress, Army, Modi, BJP

BJP is a better party than Congress. You can tell by how it spins its disasters into windfalls

The party's profit and long-term loss is the overpowering oratory of the prime minister.


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RBI, Modi, Rs 2000 note, Demonetisation

Now, end of Rs 2000 note looks increasingly inevitable

RTI response gives boost to speculation that the life of the highest currency denomination may not be that long.


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Modi, Chidambaram, Autonomy, Kashmir

J&K autonomy: Chidambaram deserves brickbats, but PM Modi is wrong to politicise 'martyrs'

The BJP government seeks to project its support to the armed forces and success in the surgical strike, solely to gain votes.


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Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Congress, Modi, Global hunger index

Global Hunger Index: Congress is equally to blame as Modi government

The BJP seems to be on the right track to fight malnutrition.


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Modi, Congress, BJP, Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls

BJP does not need to oversell 'Modi magic' to win Himachal Pradesh

The state has always seen alternate government rule. So, it's anti-incumbency that holds the key here.