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Narendra Modi, Poverty, Nirmala Sitharaman, JNU

Who are the real anti-nationals?

According to Nirmala Sitharaman, they're on JNU Campus. But I think they are politicians outside the university.


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Rafael, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, 2019 general elections

How the electoral agenda has been hijacked in the run up to 2019

The campaign is centered around Modi versus Rahul. The Opposition is being drawn into this helplessly. It is an unequal battle.


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Clean ganga, Cleanliness, Narendra Modi, Swachh Bharat

Another swachhata drive: Why India will never become clean as long as it remains semi-feudal

That one should not litter public places should become a social practice — not a photo opportunity.


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Narendra Modi, BJP, PDP, NC

Why the upcoming Jammu and Kashmir municipal and panchayat polls need to be called off

Many experts believe there is a serious risk of poor voter turnout which would be seen as a referendum against the Indian state.


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Fuel hike, Congress, Narendra Modi, Emergency

Is India heading towards an Emergency?

Popular agitations have started against the present regime. What will happen when they start posing a threat to our rulers and their rule?


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Fuel price hike, Congress, Narendra Modi, Bharat Bandh

Bharat Bandh fizzled out. But the real problem stays

India has become too influenced by a western 'consumption' economy and too open to global vulnerabilities. We need a swadeshi growth model.


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Mahagathbandhan, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Bjp's national executive

'Urban Naxal supporters' to 'Modi roko abhiyaan': BJP has zeroed in on its 2019 poll pitch

The BJP seems to have picked up on the most emotive issues to connect with voters. Whether the voters buy it the second time round is still to be seen.


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Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, BJP, Congress

In their charges at each other, both Congress and BJP are right

In fact, so right are both parties, the voter is left with a Hobson's Choice.


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Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi, Banking sector, NPA

Why banks' bad loan mess has become murkier now

How Modi government is divided on the very genesis of NPAs.


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Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Diplomacy, Indo-us

Why India-US 2+2 dialogue shows New Delhi is emerging as a global superpower

The dialogue has also underlined that Indo-US ties are on an upswing.