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Voter Turnout, Chhattisgarh Assembly elections, Assembly elections 2018, Terrorism

Ballot over bullet: High voter turnout in Chhattisgarh Assembly elections is a victory for Indian democracy

Despite threats, people in Naxal affected villages have come out to vote in large numbers.


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Naxalism, Kanu sanyal, Charu majumdar, Urban naxal

What 'Urban Naxals'? You are either a rural revolutionary or an urban activist

The clash between various human rights organisations and the government goes back a long way.


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Healthcare, Naxalism, Padmashree, Rani Bang

Thanks to Padma Shri, the country will now know Gadchiroli’s doctor couple

Dr Abhay and Dr Rani Bang are known in the medical fraternity for their ground-breaking research.


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Naxalism, Kolkata, Kalikshetra, CBFC

Why this documentary on Kolkata showcasing Naxalism has offended the CBFC

The censor board has asked for several cuts in award-winning filmmaker Anirban Datta’s movie.


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Voting, Elections, Naxalism, Newton

Newton is a slap in the face of cool, urban Indians

The film makes us ponder over issues that seldom bother our quotidian lives.


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Maoist, Anti-Naxal operations, Naxalism

50 years of Naxalite movement: What happened at Naxalbari on May 25, 1967?

While Jyoti Basu sat helpless in Kolkata, the village was flooded by other ministers from the communist party.


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Maoists, Naxalism, Indian soldiers, CRPF

Forget terrorists or Pakistan, the real reason why India is losing its soldiers will leave you numb

It's what all troopers need.


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Naxalism, Left-wing extremism

How left-wing extremists are preying on tribal children for their cause

Due to dwindling numbers, the cadres actively seek out girls as potential combatants.


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Chhattisgarh, Bastar, Samajik Ekta Manch, Naxalism

Leave Malini Subramaniam alone. Haul up Bastar IG Kalluri

What did Malini Subramaniam do wrong? All she did was to report from the ground.


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Naxalism, Odisha, Prison Reform

Prison hunger strikes are part of struggle for azadi and democracy

When the cases are false, the authorities try all means to extend the period of the trial.