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Nipah virus, Jwala Gutta, Allu arjun, Indiragandhi

DailyOh! When Indira Gandhi choked media's ad revenue, to why Jwala Gutta was called 'half-Corona'

Jwala Gutta revealed in an interview that she was called 'half-Corona' on social media because her mother is Chinese.


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World health organization, Malaysia, Kerala, Nipah virus

Nipah Virus in Kerala again: Why this is an alarming situation

A 23-year-old college student in Kerala's Ernakulam has tested positive for the deadly Nipah virus, which killed 17 people in the state last year. What is this virus and why is it so dangerous?


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Health Hazard, Outbreak, Nipah virus, Kerala

Nipah threat: Why we should be worried

Over the past two weeks, over a dozen lives have been lost to the virus outbreak.


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Deadly Nipah virus kills 10: Kerala nurse's last words show her supreme sacrifice

Dr Kafeel Khan has also volunteered to help the emergency situation in Kerala.