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Lockdown parenting, Toddlers, Privacy, Parenting

Privacy as a parent? What's that?

When you have children, you sign over your right to privacy. It is an instant process, with no clauses attached explaining when you might possibly retrieve it.


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Covid-19, Toddlers, Parenting, Schooling

Parenting 2020: Why online classes make me want to tear my hair out

We recently got our children’s report card, and a fellow parent aptly asked, “What about the parent’s report card?”


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Mother's life, Moms, Parenting

Par ridiculous: Chasing the supermom chimaera

I am a born survivor. I may not have done a PhD in maid management, but I certainly hold a diploma in dividing time to strategise smart — the only sliver to skim along these challenging times.


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Parenting, Fatherhood, UNICEF, Father's Day

Eat, Play, Love: How to be a super dad this Father's Day

The role of a father is as important as a mother’s for a child’s development right from the early years of life.


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Toddlers, Parenting, Lockdown, Onlineclasses

Lockdown Parenting: How to deal with your child's online summer classes

If most of this year doesn’t seem normal to you, then how else will you explain online summer classes?


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Coronavirus in india, Lockdown, Social media posts, Parenting

Lockdown Lessons: How to survive mommy groups and perfect kids on social media

Week after week, there were posts where picture-perfect meals were served in the most ideal setting and their kid’s flawless art prominently placed in the centre of the table that made me want to barf.


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Parenting, Exam fear, Exam stress, Boardexams

Why high school milestone is a myth

Parents who fear there kids may miss out on good colleges don’t know of the many success stories coming from the not-so-well regarded colleges.


 |  Tarar Square  |  8-minute read
Gender disparity, Rape, Human Rights, Women's right

It's time mothers talk to their sons about respecting women

Women's rights are human rights, and it all starts with the first woman: the mother.


 |  7-minute read
Childhood, Parenting

How do we raise a generation of kind children?

In an age of hatred and turmoil all over the world, raising kind children is all the more imperative.


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Sexual Intercourse, Parenting, Sexual Health, Condom ad

Why do Indian parents feel so shy talking about sex with their children?

Parents must talk it with their children like they'd talk about Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi.