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Lucknow, PM Modi, Modiinlucknow

Don't hang clothes in balcony, Lucknow residents told ahead of PM Modi's visit. It is a good thing

Right ahead of PM Modi's Lucknow visit, Gomti Nagar residents are trying their best to maintain their best face.


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Farmlawsrepealed, Farmersprotest, PM Modi, Farmlaws

PM Modi repeals 3 Farm Laws: Masterstroke explained in 10 points

It's a moment of victory on Delhi roads where groups of farmers are protesting. And it's a moment of reckoning inside the palatial government buildings housing the country's leaders.


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Minorities, Muslims in India, Sadhvi pragya, Khan market gang

Can Modi government fix the false secular narrative?

We may have skewed the true meaning of secularism over the years, twisting it to appease rather than empowering minorities. PM Modi may finally lead India to true secularism.


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Balakot, Pulwama, Pakistan, PM Modi

Patriot Games: How the Congress lost the plot on India's security, and lost the election too

The last thing Pakistan wanted was Narendra Modi back as India's PM. They'd have preferred the Congress which is seen as soft on them. But how did Indira Gandhi's party reach such a state?


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PM Modi, Congress, Samajwadi Party

Shalini Yadav: 'PM Modi should lose in Varanasi. It's overflowing with garbage, people don't even have drinking water'

Shalini Yadav will contest in Varanasi against PM Modi for the Samajwadi Party (SP). Speaking with Rohit E David, she discussed Varanasi and how only the 'gathbandhan' is giving the BJP a tough fight, the Congress having failed completely.


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PM Modi, Vijay Mallya, Brexit, Demonetisation

Lord Meghnad Desai: 'India has got rising growth, falling inflation of a kind not seen before. It's absurd to claim an unemployment crisis as well'

Lord Meghnad Desai, renowned economist and Member, House of Lords, UK, spoke with Rohit E David about India's economy, Narendra Modi's moves, demonetisation and Vijay Mallya.


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PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Modi interview, Narendra Modi

How Modi has set the tone for 2019: The Pradhan Sevak is back

In his interview to ANI, the Prime Minister gave direct answers to pointed questions, even interjections.


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National waterway, BJP, PM Modi, Varanasi

How India's first multi-modal terminal on Ganga can make Varanasi an economic hub

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's parliamentary constituency can emerge as a growth centre of northern India. 


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Mayawati, PM Modi, Sardar Patel, Statue of Unity

Why it's not Sardar Patel's 'Statue of Unity' but Indian hypocrisy that stands tallest in the world

It hurts our sentiments when someone questions the 'ostentatious tribute' to Sardar Patel, but not when an Ambedkar statue is vandalised.


 |  12-minute read
RSS, Congress, Democracy, Constitution

Are PM Modi and the BJP blurring crucial lines of governance?

The mixing of boundaries, seen in recent instances, could impact our Parliamentary democracy.