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Rape of minor girls, Jammu and kashmir rape, Satya pal singh, Jammu and Kashmir

Humanity shamed: The rape of a 3-year-old in Kashmir has lead to chaos in the valley

Rather than resorting to protests, we Kashmiris, need to introspect with our heads collectively hanging down in shame.


 |  9-minute read
Rape of minor girls, Muzaffarpur shelter home, Bihar shelter home, Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar has traced the real culprit in the Muzaffarpur shelter home outrage - the 'system'

The Bihar CM announced that all shelter homes in the state will now be run by the government. What a comfort that is.


 |  4-minute read
Rape of minor girls, Rape Laws, Child sexual abuse, Death penalty

6 reasons why death penalty will not deter child rapes

It is not the severity of the punishment that will deter crime; rather the surety of punishment that helps.


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RJD, Nitish Kumar, Rape of minor girls, Bihar shelter home

Muzaffarpur shelter home horror - Why rape cases are rising in Nitish Kumar's Bihar

The incident is not the only case of women and minor girls being targeted in the state raising serious questions over the law and order situation.