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 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Social distancing, Dining, Restaurants

Is the party over for restaurants?

Restrictions and irrational fears coupled with the loss of discretionary income have interminably extended the recovery time of restaurants.


 |  2-minute read
Restaurants, Online food delivery, Cloudkitchens

The buzz around cloud kitchens

The online food delivery segment in India is set to grow at around 12 per cent annually, with Covid-19 accelerating and shifting consumer preferences to online ordering.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  2-minute read
Indian Cuisine, Spice lab, Spice lab, tokyo, Restaurants

Spicing up Ginza’s culinary universe

Spice Lab marks the beginning of a new generation of Indian cuisine.


 |  5-minute read
Restaurants, Ramps, Public Spaces, Disabled-friendly

Why I decided to #RampMyCity and make it accessible for wheelchair users like me

The differently-abled need social lives, just like everyone else. For this, restaurants, etc., must respond. My appeal to eateries and civil society has turned into a full-fledged campaign for understanding.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Twins, Restaurants, Food, German cuisine

How a pair of twins are redefining German cuisine

Everyday German dishes come with a twist of cosmopolitanism.


 |  8-minute read
Mumbai, Fine dining, Loudspeakers, Restaurants

Just keep quiet - because good food doesn't need big noise around it

Restaurants that play loud, headbanging numbers spoil the joy of eating out and our enjoyment of cuisine. Do they play it louder to hide off notes in the food?


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Restaurants, Cuisines, Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2018

Asia's 50 best restaurant list leaves an unpleasant taste

The list should not become like that of a stock market index, juggling the same names up and down the totem pole.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Food industry, Restaurants, Ramit Mittal, Bharti Mittal

The man behind Ministry of Crab

Ramit Mittal, the Bharti scion, has an appetite for novelty.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Vineet Bhatia, Claude Bosi, Restaurants, Michelin Star Chefs

What makes a chef deserving of a Michelin star

They have got to be passionate about food and get their daily adrenalin fix just by seeing happy diners.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  5-minute read
Inflation, Food, GST, Restaurants

Why it's back to GST battlefront for restaurants

Likely rate cut comes with serious handicap.